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A short clip from the Fight of the Century, Fitzsimmons vs Corbett - Carson City 1897
Fitzsimmons vs Corbett
Carson City, Nevada
March 17, 1897

This site is dedicated to one of the hardest punchers and greatest fighters in the history of boxing, Bob "Ruby Robert" Fitzsimmons.

Bob "Ruby Robert" Fitzsimmons
Bob "Ruby Robert" Fitzsimmons

Few fighters have travelled such a long and difficult path to win their place in boxing history as Bob Fitzsimmons. Born in Helston, England, at a young age Bob and his family emigrated 12,000 miles to Timaru in the South Island of New Zealand. There young Bob worked at his brother Jarrett's blacksmith's forge developing the strength that would take him to ring immortality. In his climb to the top of boxing, Fitzsimmons then travelled to Sydney, Australia, and after several years finally made it to the United States. After this long path it did not take long for Fitzsimmons to become a household name in America. First the world middleweight title, then the ultimate, the world heavyweight championship, fell to him. Who will ever forget Fitz's win over James J Corbett at Carson City, Nevada, in 1897? It is still one of the greatest of all fights, a ring classic, and was watched by such famous personalities as Bat Masterton, Wyatt Earp and some of the wealthiest men in America.

The question is: Was Fitzsimmons at his peak in 1891 rather than 1897? Many say 1891 since by 1897 Bob was in his mid to late 30s. Still, age was never a problem for him and he later claimed his third world title, the world light heavyweight title, at the advanced age of 41.

To his generation winning titles at such an age was unheard of. People talked of him as a boxing freak: a bald-headed, big shouldered, thin legged fighting machine. Clearly there has never been a fighter like Fitzsimmons and there never will be.

The man himself was immensely proud of his record and said he did pretty well for a boxer who was only really a middleweight. Honours still descend on him. He is now a member of Boxing's Hall of Fame, the International Boxing Hall of Fame and New Zealand's Sports Hall of Fame.

Now you can read all about this great fighter in a new book written by Christopher Tobin. Published in a hardcover it is packed with rare photographs, lithographs, and little known facts. Through the eyes of Fitzsimmons it brings America of the turbulent immigrant age of the 1890s and early 1900s very much alive. Did you know that but for a little luck Fitzsimmons could have become the first man to reclaim the world heavy weight title? Did you know he had lions as pets and appeared on Broadway? And did you know Fitzsimmons has his own statue in his old hometown of Timaru, New Zealand? Obviously for any true ring fan the book is a "must-buy".

It is a special limited edition book and would be a prized addition to any boxing fan's collection.

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Boxing's First Triple World Champion!
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