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  Below is an image gallery of the various Fitzsimmons memorabilia I have seen and sometimes been fortunate enough to collect over the past years.
I have categorised them as follows; advertising, books, boxing bell, boxing gloves, commemorative coins, film, lithographs, magazines, medals, newspapers, photos, pinbacks, playing cards, postcards, programs & admission tickets, tobacco cards and theatre.

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Spalding Add.jpg
Advertising from very early Spalding sports catalogue
1934 Harley Davidson add
Advertising for Harley-Davidson motor cycle saying Bob Fitzsimmons had a fighting heart.

Boxing Bell

1892 Boxing Bell
An extremely rare and unusual boxing bell from the famous stadium in London, England known as The Ring. The bell was a present given to Bob Fitzsimmons a former World Champion Boxer.

Boxing Gloves

autographed (Robert Fitzsimmons) Spalding Boxing Glove
An extremely rare autographed (Robert Fitzsimmons) Spalding Boxing Glove owned by James Roberts, USA. James purchased this single glove a few years ago from another collector and has allowed us to exhibit this fine photograph he has taken on our site. Many thanks James. .

Books       I am in search of these rare boxing books, if you can help?
Bob Fitzsimmons - his life and battles
"Bob Fitzsimmons, His Life and Battles in the Prize Ring" by Richard K. Fox Publisher, New York. A Complete and Authentic History of this Noted Pugilist. Published in New York, 1895, 91pp
Physical Culture and Self Defense
"Physical Culture and Self Defense", by World Champion Robert Fitzsimmons, with an introduction by A J Drexel, Biddle London & Addershot, Gale & Polden 1902, Second edition 1907, 185pp, Philadelphia.
PInside Facts on Pugilism
"Inside Facts on Pugilism", by George Siler, the famous referee.
"Robert Fitzsimmons, His Life & Fights" published by Health & Strength Ltd, United Kingdom. Graphically described from the stories of eye witnesses.
"Ruby Robert"
"Ruby Robert" Alias Bob Fitzsimmons, by Robert H. Davis, Introduction by W.O. McGeehan. New York: George H. Doran Co.
"The Fighting Blacksmith"
"The Fighting Blacksmith" A Biography of Bob Fitzsimmons, by Gilbert Odd. London: Pelham Books. Inscription by author on fly leaf.
  Date Commemorative Coins
Commemorative Coin
Coin features James Corbett on one side. Coin commemorates the Heavyweight Title fight held in Carson City, Nevada, March 17th 1897.
Commemorative Coin
Coin features Bob Fitzsimmons on one side. Coin commemorates the Heavyweight Title fight held in Carson City, Nevada, March 17th 1897.

Film        Help to compile a 1894 -1930 rare boxing film database.

Sample clip from World Heavy Weight Title Fight, Carson City, Nevada - Jim Corbett vs Bob Fitzsimmons
  Date Magazines
The Ring
"The Ring" - featuring Corbett and Fitzsimmons, many Fitzsimmons stories have featured in this fantastic magazine over the years.
  Date Medals
Corbett & Fitzsimmons Souvenir Medal. Medal reads Souvenir across top portion of medal. The bottom reads great fight Corbett & Fitzsimmons March 17, 1897 Carson City Nev. makers on reverse Schwaabs as. co. Milwaukee.
  Date Photos
Bob in classic pose
Robert Fitzsimmons, in an early classic pose for the camera.
Bob in classic pose
Image features Robert Fitzsimmons dressed with top hat and is obviously a copy of a Beagles Postcard
  July 25th
Fitzsimmons & Jeffries
This great image of Fitzsimmons & Jeffries flanking referee Ed Graney appeared the following day in the San Francisco Examiner, captioned , "This photograph provided by Lusser is the best "flash light" photograph of a prizering scene ever published."
  Date Pinbacks
Fitzsimmons Pinback
Vintage Pinback of Robert Fitzsimmons issued by the Whitehead & Hoag Co. NJ. Probably in commemoration of his up coming fight with James J. Corbett.
Fitzsimmons Pinback
Fitzsimmons - Lapel Pinback
  Date Postcards
Robert Fitzsimmons - Australia
Post Card of Robert Fitzsimmons - Australia, an early photo of Fitz.
Robert Fitzsimmons - Australia
Postcard pictures Robert Fitzsimmons "The Fighting Blacksmith" and is Phoenix Horseshoes Art Series #1. The card is postmarked 1908
La Boxe - Bobby Fitzsimmons
La Boxe - Bobby Fitzsimmons - French Post Card from Carte Postale, Artistique C.M. Paris
  Date Programs & Tickets
Corbett vs Fitzsimmons Program - 1897
Program for Corbett Fitzsimmons heavy weight title fight - Dan Stuart promotions. Carson City, Nevada.
Fitz vs Maher 1892
Admission ticket Fitzsimmons vs Maher, Wed. 2nd March, Olympic Club, New Orleans.
Admission ticket Florida Athletic Club
Admission ticket for proposed heavy weight title fight Corbett vs Fitzsimmons, Florida Athletic Club, Dallas Texas, on October 31st. This bout was scheduled for Heavyweight Championship of the World but negotiations fell through.
Cancelled Admission ticket Florida Athletic Club
Admission ticket for proposed heavy weight title fight Corbett vs Fitzsimmons, Cancelled at Florida Athletic Club. This bout was re-scheduled for Heavyweight Championship of the World.
Admission ticket Corbett vs Sharkey
Admission ticket Corbett vs Sharkey, Lenox Athletic Club, Tuesday Nov. 22nd.
Admission ticket Fitzsimmons vs Jeffries 1899
Admission ticket Fitzsimmons vs Jeffries, Coney Island Sporting Club, Friday June 9th.
Fitzsimmons lost the World Heavyweight Championship.
Fitzsimmons vs Rulin Admission ticket, 20th Century Athletic Club, Madison Square Garden, Friday Evening Aug. 10th.
  Date Tobacco and Trade Cards
1901 Ogden's Cigarette Card
Rare Boxing Tobacco Card of Bob Fitzsimmons issued by Ogden's Tabs as part of the A Series. Size - Card is about 1 1/2" x 2 1/2" inches in size.
Tobacco Card from Ogden's Cigarettes
Boxing Tobacco Card from Ogden's Cigarettes. No. 34 of Pugilists & Wrestlers series featuring Bob Fitzsimmons
Bob Fitzsimmons Tobacco Card
Robert Fitzsimmons - Mecca Cigarettes Card from the Champion Athlete and Prize Fighter Series
Bob Fitzsimmons Tobacco Card
Boxing Hall of Famer Bob Fitzsimmons on a 1910 era Philadelphia Caramel "27 Scrappers" card.
Knock-Out Razor Blades Card
This card was issued in the UK by F.C. Cartledge (Razor Blades) in 1938. It is card number 24 from a set of 50 cards entitled "Famous Price Fighters". The front of the card shows an artist drawn picture of BOB FITZSIMMONS, while the back of the card has the set title, card number and brief description of the front. The card was given as a free premium with purchase of Knock-Out Razor Blades.
Peace and Progress Album Card
Timaru Milling Co. - Peter the Pilots "Peace & Progress" Album Cards Series No. 18 of 37 featuring Bob Fitzsimmons. 3 Cards were packed in every 3lb. packet of Diamond O-TIS nad 2 in every packet of Oatlets
Tobacco Card, Bob L. Fitzsimmons
Leaf #63 Bob L. Fitzsimmons (HOF) Knock-Out Bubble Gum - We are unsure where they got the middle initial "L" from?
1956 Adventure Card, Fitzsimmons - KO Specialist
Adventure. Fitzsimmons --- KO Specialist. Gum Products Inc. 1956 Card No.78

"Fitzsimmons" - Boxing's First Triple World Champion!
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